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17 The struggle is real. With the average person spending a third of their waking hours working, it's no surprise that maintaining a balance between our personal and professional lives can be a challenge. Here are a few tips designed to help you stay healthy, productive and positive both in and out of the office. Plan ahead. Set aside 15 minutes in the evening to prepare for the day ahead. Prioritize tasks, allocate time to them and try to avoid getting caught up in unstructured meetings. Preparing beforehand will help to avoid feeling as if a race has begun before arriving at the office. Get organized. Creating a well-maintained workspace at your 9 to 5 is important. The space should be functional and clear of clutter, but don't be afraid to bring in a personal touch. Find uplifting and motivational quotes that inspire you and put them up! Take care of your eyes. Use a soft lamp or natural light to minimize the strain on your eyes when viewing a computer monitor for long periods of time. Get comfortable. Selecting an ergonomic keyboard, desk chair and desk height are all important considerations to support good posture, reduce back pain, and minimize risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. Implement the 50/10 rule. Work on one important task for 50 minutes then take a 10-minute break to refocus, stretch, or get fresh air. Engage with co-workers. A mixture of characters exists in all work environments. Get to know their personalities by participating in office activities, team-building initiatives, and the occasional after-hours social event. Reflect daily. Are you doing work that makes you happy? Do you feel energized? How you feel about what you do during the workday inevitably affects how you feel during time spent outside of the office. Be good to yourself. Schedule time for exercise. Find activities that you enjoy to boost your energy level, improve your mood and relieve stress. Plan trips for the future that you can look forward to. Remember to unplug. After working hours aim to shut off work-related communications. If your work extends into the evening, give yourself a curfew! Proper sleep is necessary to feel refreshed to start the next day. w ays to c reate a Healthy w ork- l ife Balance By Gretchen Ladner, General Informatics Photos provided by General Informatics

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