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28 By Mandy Bradley The Ever-So-Confusing World of Fashion 28 r e a d u s o n l i n e a t w w w . c i t y s o c i a l . c o m Words like "classic", "edgy", "bohemian", "preppy", "trendy", "alternative" and more are thrown our way every day in reference to our style or others' styles. Most of us have tried different styles throughout our lives but tend to revert back to what makes us most comfortable. In the rapidly-changing world of fashion, is it helpful to know what your fashion personality is so that you can focus your energy on a certain category of trends instead of an endless parade that has nothing to do with your aesthetic or taste. We all have different personalities, likes and dislikes, so it is only natural that we would have different fashion personalities as well. There will always be a category of style that we feel most ourselves in. We may deviate from that or mix it up from time to time, but we all have a look that makes us feel our absolute best when wearing it. We also realize that those who are closest to us might do a double-take if they saw us in something completely unexpected. Our clothing choices are made based on our personality, our location, our means and our situation. One of the perks of being a middle-aged woman is being out of the experimental phase and having a solid fashion identity. It doesn't mean that we can't ever try new things, but we are confident in our style and aren't going for something that's completely the opposite. The most stylish women in the world have a consistent look, some keeping it more basic, while others get a bit more adventurous and creative. Most of us wonder about our aesthetic and where it comes from. Why do some of us care about our style while others do not? Why do we gravitate toward certain looks that most around us do not? Our style is like our personality, we are born with it, but it is also shaped by experiences. I am a true Southern girl, born and raised, for instance, but have always had a city-esque, edgier aesthetic. Even before I lived in New York City, I wore black and liked minimalist, fashion-forward looks. I have never purposely had something monogrammed and you'll never see me in Lily Pulitzer, but does that make me less Southern? There are so many style adjectives out there that it can get muddy until you aren't sure what they mean anymore. Most of us can pick one of these categories to best represent our style, but we can also mix in three to four along others with it. Most women connect with and adapt several different style categories and subcategories within them. Here are some of the most common fashion personalities. (Most of us are familiar with theseā€¦) Classic: timeless, structured, pants, crisp white shirts, T-shirts, jeans, blazers, sheath dresses Romantic: feminine, full midi skirts, ruffles, lace, blouses Minimalist: clean lines, neutrals, structure, monochrome Edgy: a city feel, leather, neutrals, masculine/feminine, punk influence, alternative Sophisticated: pulled together, worldly, polished Chic: on-trend and fashionable, not overly trendy, smart, striking Bohemian: flowing fabrics, maxi dresses, skirts, textures, fringe, gypsy inspired Eclectic: bright colors, pattern mixing, unique, dramatic Bombshell/Sexy: tight, body conscious silhouettes, low necklines Glamorous: less overt than bombshell, sexy but understated, attention grabbing This list and the many variations and sub categories could go on and on. No matter what your style personality is, there is a casual and dressed-up interpretation of that style. You can have an edgy style, but put a feminine and sexy spin on it. The variations are truly endless and are what make our individual looks unique. The list could go on for days, but most fashion personalities fit into one of these categories. It is rare that someone would fall into only one category. You can be Romantic, edgy and sophisticated. You can be classic, but with a Bohemian feel and so on. We all have our own personal fashion formula. We can break our preferences down into percentages. Sometimes what we want and what we actually wear vary. I love fashion-forward looks, but most are out of my price range and are completely impractical for where I live. I have a definite aesthetic; I like edgy, but sophisticated looks. It is always done in a minimalist way. If I had to break my fashion personality down into percentages it would look like this: 30% minimalist, 30% edgy, 15% chic, 15% sophisticated and 10% modern/fashion-forward. I would feel completely out of my skin if I threw on a bohemian style maxi dress or a pretty floral dress. I may look completely fine in them, but I wouldn't feel like myself. As silly as this all sounds, it is important to find that style that suits you and to identify what works for your personality and what doesn't. For those with limited time and limited funds, it makes more sense for you as a shopper to have a clear idea of what you want. The chances are strong that you will not wear those black leather pants if you have always gone for a sweet, preppy look. You may have every intention of trying something new, but if it isn't "you" then it isn't you. The beauty of maturity is being honest with ourselves. It saves us time and from having a closet full of clothing that we'll NEVER wear. If you haven't put much thought into your fashion personality and your fashion choices, take some time to figure it out before you make any more purchases that you end up regretting. o ur Fashion Personality

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