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        35 By Julie s talls, BBB AT A GLANCE WHO: Better Business Bureau of South Central, Inc. WHERE: 748 Main Street, Baton Rouge, LA 70802-5526 Serving: Ascension, Assumption, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, Iberville, Pointe Coupe, St. Helena, St. James, Tangipahoa, West Baton, West Feliciana Telephones: 346-5BBB (346-5222) 346-1029 FAX 346-8343 BBB Accreditation (Information) Website: WHAT: A Non-Profit Corporation . . . Supported by BBB Businesses and Professionals . . . Dedicated to Business Self-Regulation . . . Through High Ethical Standards in Advertising and Selling Practices. WHY: To Limit Government Regulation of Business . . . To Safeguard Consumer Spending . . . To Provide Services Not Elsewhere Available to Businesses and Consumers HOW: Through BBB Services and Programs, including: •  Business  Reliability  Reviews •  Reviews  on Soliciting Organizations •  Business /Customer  Dispute Resolution •  Binding Arbitration •  Business /Consumer  Alerts  and Warnings •  Advertising Review •  Business /Consumer  Education •  Business  Networking Events •  Douglas Manship, Sr. Ethics In Business Annual Award i t is unwise to assume that everything you see creeping and scurrying around your house and yard is up to no good. Although more than 86,000 species of insects have been identified in n orth American (many of which are unwel- come guests in s outh l ouisiana), they make up approximately 85% of all living creatures on the continent. However, only 1% can hurt you and dam- age or destroy your belongings; so don't classify anything as a pest unless it causes trouble. You would never hang out a sign saying "Pests Cordially Invited." Be aware that conditions in your home may offer a comfortable haven where pests flock not only to visit, but to nest and multiply. Some like it hot, some like it cool, most like moisture and darkness, and all like something to eat. Damp, dark basements or garages are favorite habitats, as are kitchens and bathrooms. They will snack on food crumbs, carpets, books, even the walls of your house. Despite faultless housekeeping, pests can enter in bags or cartons from the grocery store, in furniture, appliances and that all-time favorite, television sets which offer darkness and warmth. The National Pest Control Association says the ten most common household pests are cockroaches, mice, rats, termites, ants and carpenter ants, fleas, dog ticks, spiders and silverfish. Each requires different tactics for eradication. To get rid of these pests, apply insecticides especially designed to kill them, such as diazinon, lindane or malathion, to baseboards, door and window casings, closets and places where pipes go through walls. The results may not be immediate, but if properly and thoroughly applied, insecticides will leave a residue that should be effective within a few weeks. If the problem is or becomes serious, you may need to call in professional services. The choice of many seeking to eliminate pests is a professional pest control company. Many prefer to use professionals to avoid keeping pesticides around the home, particularly if young children are present. Before you contact a professional, however, do your homework. First, you should get the names of several potential companies. You can check with neighbors, friends, co-workers and family as a valuable resource for initial contact. Next, contact your Better Business Bureau at or 225-346-5222. BBB reports on many factors such as company history, complaint history, company organization and management and proper licensing information. In Louisiana, a pest control business must be licensed through the Department of Agriculture. Protecting Against u nwanted Pests Before signing a contract for pest control services, be sure you fully understand the nature of the pest to be exterminated, the extent of infestation and the work necessary to solve the problem. Find out if the company has liability insurance to cover any damages to your house or furnishings during treatment. If a guarantee is given, know what it covers, how long it lasts, what you must do to keep it in force and what kind of continuing prevention and control is necessary. For example, rarely can a firm guarantee to leave a house free of cockroaches for more than six months. Many pest control companies offer renewable retreatment warranties. If a sizeable amount of money is involved, get bids from several pest control companies. Even termite damage will not be significantly worse if you wait a week or two before authorizing treatment. Do not rush your decision. Since you are paying for professional knowledge, as well as skillful application of pesticides, look for someone whose judgment can be trusted.

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