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57 A: I've been doing Pilates since I was a child in Brazil and have run Body Fit Pilates since 2009. Pilates has made my life stress- and worry-free, as well as allowed me to enjoy peak physical and mental health for most of my life. I believe that the secret to succeeding with it is in the mind. In order for anything good to come of Pilates, clients need to recognize that it isn't the exercise part of it that makes it worthwhile, but in the concentration of it. If you focus the mind, you and your body will be healthy. The other part is in the breathing. You need to intake oxygen in a very specific way—respiratory breathing—so that it expands throughout the whole body. Equally important is remembering to breathe while stretching rather than breathing too heavily or, worse, holding your breath. It'll only make you lose focus and concentration, making it that much harder to obtain internal and external wellness. My advice to beginners and seasoned Pilates participants is this: You have to know the body—your body—and understand it if any wellness is to happen. Breathing, concentration, and relaxation are key in doing so. Planet Nutrition Karl Lawrence 225-223-6878 Planet Nutrition is a nationwide chain that sets the standard for nutritional and physical health. Its staff, including the friendly faces found at the branch on Perkins Rd., are committed to helping customers of all shapes and sizes improve the status and quality of their lives through a productive, safe use of exercise equipment, nutritional how-to's, community and individual support, and maintaining (or reclaiming) a healthy outlook on life and one's self. Q: What is the purpose of pre-workout powders/ foods? How does someone determine which pre- workout substance is for them? A: Pre-workout powders are designed to provide energy, endurance, and power. Each pre-workout powder is slightly different in their approach to these functions. When deciding on a pre-workout powder it is especially important to consult with a subject- matter expert to ensure the pre-workout is best suited for the person's goals. Individuals with preexisting medical conditions that effect the cardiovascular and central nervous system should avoid pre-workouts that contain stimulants before consulting a physician. A few examples are hypertension, diabetes, irregular heart beats, or psychological disorders like anxiety and depression. It is difficult to determine which products are "safer" without evaluating the individual who is consuming them. This is why I always recommend speaking to a local, reputable, subject- matter expert. After choosing a local professional, following the dosing schedule established during that consultation or deferring to the product label instructions is always the safest way to consume these products. Q: What are the some of the benefits of pre- workout foods and powders? Can you give some examples? A: Pre-workout foods/meals are foods that are generally thought to provide some quickly-digesting sugars and proteins to provide energy to the muscle for the workout. The type of workout should dictate the type of food to be consumed pre-workout. For example, if someone is going to participate in sustained activity (an hour or longer) carbohydrate sources that digest slowly, such as, cluster dextrin, karbolyn, or sweet potato, are the best options. Protein sources, such as, eggs or a whey protein are also good to consume prior to extended sessions in an order to preserve muscle and burn fat. These are examples and are not the only foods/supplements that can provide sustainable energy. Porter Orthodontics Connie Davidson West 225-291-9900 Led by Baton Rouge-native and LSU Alum Dr. Joseph Porter, Porter Orthodontics is a family- friendly business whose staff prides itself on providing excellent care and service for each and every patient. Using the latest technology, they have dedicated themselves to crafting the very best smiles possible; they likewise encourage patients and their families to ask questions and are ready and able to provide an in-depth answer that leaves them feeling confident and secure in their treatment and smiles. Q: What problems can emerge that may make someone need braces? How may these problems be prevented or treated? A: Between the ages of 6 & 7, the back and front teeth begin to erupt. At that time, functional problems such as crossbites can be detected, as well as crowding, oral habits, deep bites, open bites and some jaw discrepancies. Interceptive treatment may be appropriate for certain types of problems, including anterior or posterior crossbites, crowding, open bite, protrusion, teeth erupting in the wrong positions, oral habits and excessive spacing. If early treatment is not needed, a child-aged patient will be placed on semi- annual recalls until all of the permanent teeth have erupted and full comprehensive treatment can begin. Q: At what age is someone old enough to have braces put on? How can Porter Orthodontics help? A: The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that children receive an orthodontic evaluation no later than age 7, although The American Association of Orthodontics does not necessarily recommend comprehensive treatment at that age. This usually happens around the age of 12. Porter Orthodontics offers complimentary consultations if you or your child is in need of orthodontic treatment. We utilize the latest technology and offer traditional metal braces, as well as Invisalign. Regal Nails Downtown Kimsong Truong 225-361-0655 Since the first branch opened its doors in 1997, Regal Nails has become a staple in the Louisiana marketplace and within the community. Each branch, including Regal Nails Downtown, owes its lasting success not only to the friendly faces and community ties that've been established, but due to the five core values that the franchise looks for in its employees: respect, excellence, growth, honesty and commitment. The aim of such values is to ensure that not only are customers' expectations exceeded every time they visit, but that the dreams of staff who have a passion for what they do—be it designing custom nails, creating a new hairdo, or otherwise—are made into a reality in a collaborative, professional and friendly environment. Q: What is the difference between a regular nail polish, gel polish, and custom polish? A: Unlike gel, regular polish can be removed at home. It also takes a lot longer to dry and can easily chip. However, regular polish is perfect if you want to change the look in a few days. Gel polish, meanwhile, is acetone resistant, low maintenance and generally lasts around 14+ days. This type of polish has a super-glossy finish topcoat that looks great and protects the natural nail. Gel polish allows nails to grow and gives them extra strength. The most important thing about gel polish is that it has to be dried under the UV light which allows for instant drying and a perfect finish! At Regal Nails Downtown, we have the DreaMau machine that allows our clients to create a completely unique, custom polish color. Clients can choose from thousands of color combinations and follow the steps to creating their perfect color. The machine even allows you to choose between several polish finishes including pearl, metallic, shadow, glitter and neon. The best part – you can take your custom polish home with you! Q: Why do/can nails become brittle or discolored after nail polish or fake nails are applied? How might this be prevented? A: Nails can become brittle or discolored after nail polish or fake nails are applied for many reasons, including a lack of vitamins and minerals or using from harmful products. The darker the nail polish, the more easily your nails may become stained. If polish or fake nails are left on for too long, your natural nails may become brittle. In order to keep your natural nails healthy and strong, don't leave dark color polish on for more than a week; Also, always use basecoat to protect the nailbed before polishing your nail, and, most importantly, allow licensed nail professionals to assist you in the upkeep of your nails! Fresh Skin Care & Aesthetics Aimee McPherson 225-246-2139 At Fresh Skin Care & Aesthetics, there's only one motto: Be fresh, feel fresh. Taking this to heart, the staff at Fresh Skin Care & Aesthetics is ready and eager to assist customers of all ages and genders with any/all skin-related treatments and body therapies; their primary goal is to keep each client's skin looking its best and being its healthiest. Their expertise includes such treatments as facials, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, skin tightening, body contouring, fillers and more. Customers can expect to feel rejuvenated, energized, and glowing with satisfaction after receiving one of the many services offered by the knowledgeable staff at Fresh Skin Care. Q: Is there a limit to how many chemical peels a client should have in a given period? A: At Fresh Skin Care & Aesthetics, our peels and chemical services may be received in 4-6 week intervals; this includes our medical grade peel services. Q: How does a chemical peel work and how does it impact a person's facial skin? What are some alternatives to chemical peels and how do they differ result-wise? A: When performed properly, chemical peels are controlled damage 'situations' allowing chemicals to clear dead tissue and begin working on live tissue. The activity on live tissue allows collagen to become more active revealing fever lines and less congested pores; in effect, breaking down irregular pigment for a brighter, evenly-tone complexion. Our hydrophilic peels, containing alpha hydroxyl acids, heavily exfoliate the epidermis to reveal a more youthful glow. Lipophilic peels such as our salicylic and peel break down oils to decongest pores.

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