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13 Story by Adaina Biggs 1) Consider a Solo Trip - lots of people think this sounds crazy, but there's a few of you secretly praying to sweet Jesus for some alone time. This does not make you a bad person. It does not mean you're anti-social or that you don't like people (or maybe it does, but who cares?). Taking a solo vacation is so good for your brain. You are not a mom or a dad or a partner or a sibling or a friend on this trip. You're YOU... authentically and unapologetically YOU. If you've ever wondered what the REAL you looks like when you're not in some conjoined role, this is your trip. If it sounds too crazy, try an over-nighter to start. Whether it's one night in a hotel or a week in another country… you get to be you. This is not selfish. Happy, well-adjusted people who are in touch with themselves and taking care of themselves are better parents, better partners and better all-around people. You will love your family and friends even more and be better for them. 2) The Family Trip - family vacations are also good for the soul. Getting away from the routines and having new adventures with the people you love is refreshing. It allows your brain to expand as you experience new things and make new (lasting) memories with your family. When we reflect on the days of our childhood, we seem to have strong memories around the vacations we took with our parents and siblings. It's an opportunity to relax, have fun and enjoy each other. 3) The Friends Trip - This one is easy. All you need to do is group message your closest buds and the ideas will start to flow. Friends who travel together have a unique opportunity to bond over experiences. This can also mimic group therapy sessions. It can be a safe space to let things go and to try things you never thought you would. And no, Virginia, we're not talking about anything salacious. These are things like painting, playing the drums, skydiving…the stuff you're probably NOT doing in your daily life. 4) The Lover's Trip - oooooh...with your partner. Would you rather a relaxing time at the beach, a cabin in the mountains or a fun-fueled adventure? What better way to stoke the embers of a romance than to have a getaway together. You'll learn something new about your partner EVERY time you two sneak off together as a couple. You still get a break from the day-to- day back home, but you also get to do this with the one person who makes you feel special and wants to be with you more than anyone else! 5) The Best-Friend-Only Trip - You know immediately who that person is. The one who knows ALL your secrets. The one who shares your love of food or your sense of adventure or your secret desire to go to bed with the chickens or stay up until the sunrise. Your bestie can get away with coaxing you out of your bed at 3 a.m. to see a meteor shower or accommodate your need to make goofy faces into a snapchat filter while you wait for your food to arrive. Carving out time for this one special friend is an investment that reaps great returns for a lifetime. 6) A Trip that includes your PETS! - Our little 4-legged family members often get left behind when we go on an adventure. But, it's totally possible (and even enjoyable) to have them with you. They do not require any more bathroom breaks than your two-legged compadres. Of course you'll need to consider local ordinances, leash laws and do what is necessary to keep your pet safe (which would obviously include never leaving your pet in a parked car). By doing a little research ahead of time, you can locate pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, beaches and even CRUISES that accommodate your pets. And finally there's... 7) The Business Trip - doesn't count. It's work. You can mix some cool stuff in there, but it still doesn't count as time away. That being said, sometimes you CAN take someone along with you and THEY can get some time away. If you're driving and staying in a hotel, it will literally cost nothing extra to take someone with you. Your companion gets a very inexpensive getaway and you have someone to accompany you along the travels. You need a break? Of course you do. We all need breaks. In school we call it "recess." On the job or in business we call it by a dozen other names (a coffee run, a bathroom break, a trip to the water cooler…). Breaks are necessary to enable us to focus. A perfect example of the benefit of a break is working on a large jigsaw puzzle. If you have ever worked on a 500+ piece jigsaw puzzle, you've likely experienced this phenomenon. You looked over and over and over for that ONE piece that would fit in that ONE spot. And after a while you decide that piece is not on the table. It can't be. You've looked at every single piece. So, you look on the floor thinking it must have fallen off the table…because it's definitely NOT on the table. Nope. Not on the floor. The thought crosses your mind that this puzzle is defective. It has a piece missing. Nah, you just need a break. So you take a break. You walk away. You do something else. And what always magically happens when you return to the puzzle? Whoever stole the missing piece and hid it from you has replaced it right squarely in the middle of the scattered pieces. Of course it was there all along (but it's possible someone was messing with you). The point is, you function more effectively and more efficiently when you get the breaks you need. It rejuvenates your body and mind. Throughout the day, we are aware of the need to temporarily switch gears. But, what about the bigger picture? We occasionally need BIGGER breaks to avoid burnout and, more importantly, to gain clarity on the direction and priorities in our lives. If we don't get these breaks, we sit in the same place doing the same thing wondering why we can't move ahead. What's a very effective way to solve that problem? ROAD TRIP! (or plane trip, or train trip or bus trip…) Getting away is important. There are so many ways to escape the day-to-day and take part in extra adventures. Consider multiple and different types of experiences to get the most out of your available vacation time. Here's a few ideas to get your adventure wheels turning: 6 Trips to Ponder (and Why You Should Take Them) YOU are the Captain of your journey. YOU get to choose how fulfilling and rewarding your experience will be. When you are 85 years old, you'll remember the trips you took. Those extra 14 days at the office, perhaps not so much. Happy Travels! "We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us" – Anonymous Adaina Biggs is a Health and Life Coach in the Baton Rouge area. She is married with three amazing adult children. She is a huge fan of cultivating and nurturing relationships. Adaina is living her dream of helping others live their best lives through discovery, goal-setting, establishing boundaries and executing well-thought-out plans. 13

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