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26 Story and sketches by Mandy Bradley The Ever-So-Confusing World of Fashion 26 R E A D U S O N L I N E A T W W W . C I T Y S O C I A L . C O M The heat is on its way back. There is no getting around it. We know that the type of high temperatures coming our way don't lend themselves to many of the amazing layered looks, jacket or light sweater looks, or even spring or summer booties. In the South, we make the best of our spring and summer seasons in as little clothing as possible. Each season when designers give us their offerings, we hope and pray that something on the runway will be lightweight enough for us! I saw a gorgeous silky gray top the other day, for instance, and knew I would never wear it because I'd sweat right through it (and that would be attractive). Southern women who love fashion have to make many concessions, but we always manage to pull it off somehow. Hopefully you'll be able to pull something out of the long list of newer trends and utilize those that have stayed with us to whip up your spring and summer looks for 2019. One of my favorite trends this season is wearing head-to-toe Earth tones and neutrals. This is always such a chic look when done well and cooler for us in warm weather. Luckily, designers this season offered plenty of sand, cream, beige, camel, and tan tones to keep us from overheating. White looks perfect paired with any of these, by the way! If you are in cooler climates, these neutrals in soft leathers or suede are gorgeous! The runways were full of faux and real leathers, as well as rubbery and plastic-looking fabrics. There were also many shoes in these neutrals made of soft leather and gathered in the style of actual ballet slippers. Your look can thus be very utilitarian or very feminine this season. Instead of the cold shoulder trend, try one of the newer silhouettes like one shoulder, strapless or asymmetrical straps that wrap around the neck. Fabric twisted in interesting ways around the neck and shoulders is a fresh look. (A garment with an interesting structure is always in style.) Tops and dresses in these styles also featured a ton of ruching and gathers. The ruching adds texture and interest, and is a great way to camouflage waists, hips and thighs. The 90s' looks are still around, especially in the denim department. Mom jeans, straight leg and higher waisted jeans are still holding on strong. The biking short trend has surprisingly remained and this season they are being work with anything that skinny pants or leggings would be worn with. Think blazers, light-weight sweaters, oversized t-shirts, etc. For those of you who would never dare to wear something like that, you'll be elated to know that "sensible shorts" are back and you no longer have to feel awkward in your longer, more modest shorts. Shorts are actually considered to be the new skirt and are expected to be big this spring and summer. Lighter-wash denims and acid wash that were prevalent in the 80s were also seen all over the runways. There is usually one thing that permeates most runways and stands out as a solid trend each season. This season, I would have to say that it's clear plastics and mesh. Both are still here and, from the looks of it, not going away anytime soon. The options each bring are limitless! Clear plastic straps on shoes, clear plastic bags, mesh on garments, shoes and bags, etc. If you add a bit of transparency or translucence to your wardrobe, you will be right on trend. Seeing undergarments under sheer fabric is still a prevalent trend, just make sure that the undergarments are fabulous, too!!! Texture is big, as well. Sea-inspired netting, rope and neoprene were seen on many different garments, as were fringe and feathers. To sum up the entire season, we're still seeing much looser silhouettes and less super-tight fitting clothing. The most stylish women in the world are wearing much more modest clothing and balancing more fitted looks with more voluminous looks. Pants are looser and higher-waisted, both longer and cropped. Jackets and tops are fuller. Women definitely don't have to wear skin-tight clothing to be considered attractive. Wearing styles like these reads as strong, intelligent, chic and well-versed in fashion. Spring and Summer 2019 Trends

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