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By michelle mcReynolds Louisiana is home not only to awesome fun, unique culture, great music and Cajun cuisine, but is home to a self-sufficiency and sustainability found through its bountiful harvest of many locally grown agriculture products. From the sugarcane, to the rice and sweet potatoes, Louisiana's fertile land hosts many agriculture staples, producing such bountiful surplus that they are often supplied to other regions in the country. According to the may 2012 data comprised by the USDA, national Agricultural Statistics Service there is 29,000 farms in Louisiana, comprised of over seven million acres of land producing corn, soybeans, rice cotton, hay, wheat, sweet potatoes, sugarcane and sorghum. Out of Louisiana's vast abundance of harvest comes rice, a healthy grain grown on 375,000 acres in 29 different parishes, placing the state third in the nation in rice-production. Rice has been shown to be a healthy addition to the diet. According to a healthy Rice eaters study in 2007, recent research has shown that people who eat rice consume less sugar and saturated fat, have a lower risk of high blood pressure and obesity, and may be less likely to develop heart disease and type II diabetes; thus adding more demand for this versatile and healthy grain that offers so much for so little. Affordable and easy to prepare, rice is a perfect complement to any dish and a must-have in Cajun cuisine. Rice has a long history in Louisiana, and surely saved many lives during food shortages. It came south from the Carolinas brought by Acadian settlers and has been growing and harvested until present day. One long-time rice producer is Falcon Rice mill located in Crowley, Louisiana Falcon Rice mill is a seventy-year-old family-owned rice producer that began in 1942 originally as a seed rice business. The owners edward and evelyn Falcon, after purchasing rough rice from local farmers, would clean and treat them, and then resell the seeds for planting in the springtime. Within eight years, the Falcons were able to have a mill operation installed and soon Falcon Rice mill began selling rice packaged under the names ed's, Randy's, and Falcon rice. Later, other brands were developed by Falcon which include their popular Cajun Country brand of long, medium, whole grain brown, jasmine and popcorn rice. All of their rice varieties are products grown, milled, packaged and sold right here in south Louisiana. The mill itself has remained the only family run rice mill in the country. Unique in its family-ties and dedication in producing products made in Louisiana, Falcon Rice mill continues to provide a varied line of quality rice products grown, milled and packaged by the people of Louisiana. Because of their dedication Falcon has remained a successful company for over seventy-years. They currently produce over 900,000 hundredweights of rice a year that is distributed around the country, that include a variety of quality rice products such as Toro, Falcon, home Country, Laredo, and Jackpot. Toro is a Read us online at 15

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