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farthest from the seating area, providing additional privacy in the adjacent study as well as creating an entirely new wall that would allow cabinetry below and above the countertop. The original location of the refrigerator was awkward, so its placement was shifted to a more central spot. By doing this, the pantry space was doubled in size, allowing an additional cabinet to be set inside that holds two refrigerator drawers situated at "kid" height for the children's snacks and drinks. The children now have their own space without having to dig through Mom's fridge for what they want and the added counter space in the larger pantry makes a great storage area to house small kitchen appliances that aren't used on a daily basis. Once the cook top and refrigerator were given new, permanent locations, the balance of the kitchen cabinets fell into place. The new upper cabinets were raised to the ceiling to increase the storage space as well as to improve the visual scale of the entire area. The new island was fitted precisely between the work spaces and finished off with a rounded counter, which would hold a small counter stool at each end. The remodel greatly improved the house, yet there was additional work to be done. For the overall look and feel of their newly renovated kitchen, Keith and Nicole had done a lot of research in magazines and online. They wanted the design to be fresh and modern, in keeping with their taste, but it had to work well with the traditional design of the house. The new porcelain tile, in contemporary shades of gray and tan, enlarge the room visually but are easy to maintain and work well off of the existing antique pine floors. The granite was honed down to create a textural effect, yet it is still durable for everyday use. Because the room has a large vaulted space, the walls were painted a soft neutral color that allowed the cabinets to be painted in a pale blue-gray color—Nicole specifically said that she didn't want people to easily be able to identify the color as either blue or gray! The cabinet hardware and lighting was selected to enhance the design concept and add the beautiful finishing details. "The kitchen is our favorite room in the home. I love that we turned an uncomfortable and non-functional space into a room that the whole family enjoys and uses. Many evenings are spent with us cooking in the kitchen while the girls are doing home28 Read us online at

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