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dimpled with cellulite and covered in varicose and spider veins? We all have these issues, some more than others. Many try to remedy this by wearing even longer hems. This can actually make you look older and frumpy. Find a happy medium that accentuates your body type. Older women tend to think that camouflaging with lots of jewelry or accessories is the answer, but be careful not to go overboard. Wearing too much jewelry, especially "matchy" jewelry, can age any- one. Sometimes a large necklace only draws the eye right to a wrinkled neck or cleavage. For some peo- ple, it may be the perfect amount of camouflage. Steer away from piling on jewelry (especially if it looks cheap). Turtlenecks should also be worn with caution. Sure, a turtleneck hides our wrinkled necks, but the color (particularly black) against our face could be doing us more harm than good. Remember that as we age, our skin tone dulls. Make sure that you are wearing a color that brightens your face. Collared shirts and v-necks actually elongate the neck and disguise imperfections. Sometimes a nice scarf worn loosely around the neck is a great alterna- tive. A small scarf tied tightly around the neck, how- ever, brings negative attention to the area. Other Things that Automatically Age Us Wearing sneakers (not cool, updated sneakers) with everything Dated glasses Obvious muffin tops Baggy pants and pleated front pants Bows or other youthful hair accessories Skin that is way too tanned (remember Magda from There's Something about Mary?) Heavy makeup Overly thin eyebrows or drawn-in eyebrows Obviously cheap handbags (poor quality) Being too "matchy matchy" with accessories Yellow teeth Stiff hair (it needs movement and shine) Bad posture Too much thin jersey fabric Chunky shoes We are all guilty of holding on to what made us hot back in the day. It could be our hair, a certain lipstick color or style of clothing. As mature women, we need to stop thinking of our 20-year-old selves and comparing ourselves to those girls. Embrace who you are now and make sure that you are doing her justice, not sabotaging her. Remember that what we may lack in youthful looks, we make up for in confidence, wisdom and experience. 33

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