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42 42 A service-minded personal philosophy is foundational to true sales professionalism, and success and is at least as important as a positive attitude. By carl Herrick Sandler Minute coach carl Go online, visit the bookstore or watch motiva- tional videos, and you may find yourself believing that attitude is everything, and the most important thing. But is that true? Attitude is important, but is it the most important clue when trying to identify who will be successful? Is that the yardstick industry- leaders use to hire top caliber people? Not according to Chick-fil-A, one of the most successful franchises in America. Their first priority is to hire people with good character who also enhance team chemistry. For them, competency and attitude, though important, come second. Character and attitude are related, but are two different things. Successful people have a positive attitude most of the time, but even strong, successful people experi- ence negative thoughts and doubts. So determining just how positive a person's attitude is can be tough. Combining good character with a good attitude is the key. Real benefit comes from learning how consis- tently high achievers overcome uncertainty and doubt when it does strike. When interviewed, successful people say that they refuse to see themselves as vic- tims. Instead of laying blame, they study failures, take steps to improve and move forward towards vic- tory. That's not just attitude, that's character! They don't let success go to their head, or failure to their heart. Winners are also self-aware, recognize when their attitude begins to slip, and know when and how to recharge and regain their footing. Offering to be of service to others, especially those in need, will help. No matter how difficult a day or week might feel, it frequently pales in comparison to the difficulties being experienced by coworkers or neighbors. Remembering that quickly puts problems into per- r e a d u s o n l i n e a t w w w . c i t y s o c i a l . c o M Build Your People, Build Your Profits spective. Your attitude and energy rebound, and you're off and running once again. Another way to rebound is to pitch in and help a friend or colleague with a project, or to take a small, positive step on a project of your own. Even small victories quickly improve morale and provide energy to tackle bigger tasks. A service-minded personal philosophy is founda- tional to true sales professionalism, and success and is at least as important as a positive attitude. An example of a healthy philosophy is the belief in mutual benefit or, as Stephen Covey described it, "Think win-win." Sales people with a positive atti- tude but a selfish philosophy can be determined to manipulate and coerce in order to achieve personal records at the expense of others. It's a "slash and burn" mentality, and it can undermine any attempts at collaboration with coworkers. In that case, their forceful attitude of winning at all costs leads to more harm than good. When I speak with business owners and sales directors, it's common to hear them say that they want or need their sales people to be more aggressive, but is that what they really mean? A review of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary gave the following definition of aggressive: ready and willing to fight, argue, etc.; feeling or showing aggression; using forceful methods to succeed; medical definition— very severe. Could this help explain why the sales profession has such a bad reputation and image? Do we want or need more sales people with a positive attitude and a philosophy that welcomes aggression? The Merriam-Webster's Dictionary defines asser- tive: disposed to or characterized by bold and confi- dent statements and behavior. At Sandler Training, we understand and value the difference between Carl Sandler BRBT 225.766.8379 • • Ticketmaster presented by Dance Theatre of Harlem Virginia Johnson, Artistic Director Now celebrating its 45th year, the internationally acclaimed Dance Theatre of Harlem will inhabit our stage with an eclectic program of ballet in sync with the 21st Century that will dazzle, up-lift, and leave you wanting more. October 28 7:30 PM (tickets range: $30-$60) River Center Theatre for the Performing Arts Choose from seven great courses! great golf great value... at a

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