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43 assertive and aggressive. We believe in professionalism, mutual benefit and healthy long-term relationships with our clients. Instead of encour- aging aggressive behavior, we advocate assertive behavior gained through the develop- ment of skill and the acquisi- tion of knowledge. A confident and decisive behavior is valuable, and required to achieve progress and success in any profession. Confidence comes from hav- ing a noble purpose, clear and well-aligned short- and long- term goals, quality training, practice and taking action. It also comes from good leader- ship and the personal belief in yourself, your company, and the ability of your product or service to create value and mutual benefit. So ask yourself: Do I encourage my sales people to have an aggressive philoso- phy, which leads to short-term sales and transactions through force, as with a blunt instru- ment? Or do I foster profes- sionalism and the kind of con- fidence and assertiveness that comes from a win-win philos- ophy? Does my company pro- vide the training, coaching and support needed to establish long-term mutually beneficial relationships and industry leadership, as it says on our webpage and company litera- ture? Or am I so concerned with revenue growth and mar- ket share that I put unwarrant- ed pressure on my insufficient- ly trained sales people, who then aggressively pressure prospects, many of whom per- ceive their tactics as threaten- ing, desperate and unwel- come? The choice is yours. "Our character is what we do when we think no one is look- ing." -H. Jackson Brown 43

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