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r e a d u s o n l i n e a t w w w . c i t y s o c i a l . c o m 34 Author and Hammond resident Stacie S. Triche released a book last year titled "Concealed Names." It was the first book of four books in the Concealed Series. She originally wrote the book as a means to speak out against bullying. "I was severely bullied in elementary," said Stacie. "I wanted to show it's not a war of flesh and blood, it's a supernatural warfare, and that's why in the book the devil is literally fighting against these teenagers who are on a mission from God." However, tragedy struck in her family, inspiring Stacie to expand her mission. On March 22, 2015, Stacie's 14-year-old nephew, Charles Stroud, passed away from huffing. "He was told it was no different than sucking helium from a balloon," said Stacie. "A can of keyboard air duster was stolen off of a teacher's desk by a student. The student huffed the air duster it in front of other students and told them it couldn't hurt them. My nephew tried it a home and died 10 minutes later." Having never heard of huffing, Stacie did some research and discovered that over 22 million people abuse inhalants in the US, and almost three- quarters of them are under 18. In honor of her nephew, Charlie, who was like her own son and even has his own bedroom in her house, she released a movie book trailer for Concealed Names. The movie book trailer premiere was held November 12, 2015, at the Movie Tavern in Covington with a special red carpet event. The trailer was made without a budget. Everyone on and off set was a volunteer except for the director. For charlie Local Author Stacie S. Triche Honors her Nephew

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