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10 r E a D U S O N L I N E a T W W W . C I T Y S O C I a L . C O m By Stacey Messina 10 #LSUTIGErNaTION When You're a Tiger, You Just Get It Certainly, we have the incredible talent and successes of our LSU Athletics programs that have instilled LSU sports into the national consciousness for many years. And how proud we are! There are no better ambas- sadors to the uniqueness of the LSU brand than Shaquille O'Neal, Les Miles, Lolo Jones, Dale Brown, Patrick Peterson and countless others who have excelled with integrity in the athletic arena. It's a national spotlight, and we happily embrace it; not only because it offers a well-deserved honor to our athletic greats, but because it also shines a beacon of light into the more subdued but no less accomplished academic arena. As the LSU recruitment commercials that run during athletic event television broadcasts indicate, it is the academic and research milestones achieved by our gifted faculty and student body that also put LSU on the map as a sought-after and nationally ranked institution of higher learning. LSU's mission is three-pronged: research, teaching and service—all of which are exemplified in the following points of pride: • LSU has a statewide economic impact of $3.9 billion and is responsible for nearly 40,000 direct and indi- rect jobs. • The university's graduation rate is higher than the national average and is the highest in Louisiana. • LSU conducts 59 percent of all university-based federal research in Louisiana, executes 65 percent of the licenses, 60 percent of the invention disclosures and patents granted, and earns 80 percent of the licensing income in Louisiana. • The LBTC Business Incubator has assisted nearly 7,000 entrepre- neurs, resulting in nearly 700 businesses and the creation (or saving of) nearly 10,000 jobs. • LSU's Manship School of Mass Communication is home to the nation's only doctoral program in media and public affairs. • The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers some of the world's best programs in gravity research, quantum optics and information, medical physics and compact objects in astrophysics. (As announced earlier this year, LSU astronomic research con- firmed the existence of gravita- tional waves as predicted by Einstein in 1915 and opened an unprecedented new window into the understanding of the universe.) a passion for all things LSU is ingrained in the souls of Louisianans. But that fiery LSU spirit is not confined within the borders of our great state. The impassioned LSU Tiger Nation stretches far and wide. So many times we hear of fans sporting LSU gear while out of state—and even out of the country—when suddenly a passerby calls out to them, "Geaux Tigers!" There exists a shared understanding between the LSU devoted that needs only those two words to be expressed, a special (almost secret) camaraderie that evokes feelings of great pride. When you're a Tiger, you just get it. Broken Arrow, OK Boston, MA New York, NY

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