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18 PERKINS ROWE For Tickets: BRBT 225.766.8379 Baton Rouge Ballet Theatre's Annual Block Party Fundraiser Dancin' in the Streets Saturday, March 25, 2017 7pm - 10pm Perkins Rowe Great Hall Featuring live music by Phat Hat Food & Drinks by Local Restaurants & Vendors Air travel is a quick way of getting where you need to go without having to sit behind a steering wheel for hours at a time, while trying to hold your bladder for as long as possible before stopping…again. I personally know the struggles of sitting in a car as a passenger, trying to get comfortable and wondering if my butt is still attached to me because after five hours, I can no longer feel it. I have been in this situation several times because though I love to travel, and do so fairly often, I have never been on a plane. Shocker, I know, but it's true and will be changing in about a month, as I get on a plane for the first time ever and travel to Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a week. Having a plan is crucial for me because without one I'm a wreck, so I'm already planning what to pack as I prepare for this incredible journey. I have done some research on what exactly can be taken on a plane and I thought I would share, because I know several people who have not flown in years, and rules change. My mindset is to "expect the unexpected" so when I pack I am obviously going to need a rain jacket, in case it rains, shampoo and conditioner, because rain with my curly hair is not a thing, and of course a straightener, for those curls that will decide to not cooperate after I wash, rinse and repeat. All of that is just for one situation, so if I pack for every situation in my mind, I'm going to fill the whole plane with just my belongings. In my research I discovered that I am allowed one carry-on bag and my purse. As I read this I knew that my packing strategy will have to change dras- tically because that is what I pack my things in for a weekend, not a week. The liquids that are allowed on a plane, if you are not checking a bag, have to be in containers no larger than 3.4 ounces and all have to be placed in one, one-quart bag. The liquids' bag has to be checked during the security check, so don't pack it in your suitcase. I will be weighing my suitcase with every item that I place in it, because I am determined to stay within the 50 pounds allowed for a carry on. If my bag is overweight I will have to pay anywhere from $50 up to $200 of my precious vacation money that I have saved by choosing chicken flavored ramen noodle over actual chicken. Now that I know my limits for packing, I have started finding information for the day of this exciting adventure. For flights within the country, depending on the airline, you must arrive at least two hours before the flight time and for interna- tional flights it is three hours before the flight time. I try my hardest to not be late for anything, so my plan is to get there two hours early so I can get through secu- rity and do whatever else is needed. This is where my "expect the unexpected" attitude comes into play because missing the flight is not an option. I am giving enough time to get to the airport, which will take about fifteen minutes, so if there is an accident or some kind of hold-up I should still be able to make it in plenty of time. Once I get there and go through security I can leisurely go find the gate that the plane will be departing from and patiently wait until it is time to board. I hope this little information that I provided will be helpful to anyone traveling via plane for the first time or for those that just need a refresher. I am very excited to see how my first airplane trip will turn out so I can come back with some even more useful information once I go through the process myself. t he Plane Plan By: Jessica Lenox

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