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26 By Mandy Bradley The Ever-So-Confusing World of Fashion s pring/ s ummer 2017 26 Here we are again, the warmer months (as if we ever truly left them.) i t is time to shed a few layers and wear whatever we can to cope with our special brand of heat. t he good news is that as s outherners, we'll spend a greater amount of time in these pieces than the rest of the country. t his is the season that we can truly justify spending more. w e will actually use most of what we purchase and for a much lengthier span. Honestly, how much mileage did your new winter coat, scarf or boots truly get this winter?! As usual, there are several trends that will carry over from the fall into the spring and this helps to make the transition easier. Knowing when it is time to ditch certain trends is a gift that fashionable and chic women have. If you see it EVERYWHERE, it is waaay past its prime. Chokers at this point should only be worn if they are metal or sculptural (ditch the suede, fabric, lace, etc.). Shoulders are still big, but put away the "cold shoulder" tops for a while. One shoulder exposed is a huge trend this spring, try that instead. Lace-up bodysuits have had their day. Of course lace-up closures are always an option for designers (much like zippers, ties and buttons) and we are still seeing them offered this Spring on sleeves, etc. Accordion pleats are still prevalent and are on tons of sheath dresses. Jumpsuits have slowly become a staple and give us both dressy and casual options. We can also continue using certain pieces from the fall that are lightweight. Those who follow fashion already know that white jeans are acceptable all year and that certain jackets and boots are year-long keepers as well. The weight of the garment or fabrication is the focus. Heavier in winter, lighter weight in the warmer months. 2017 continues the trend of volume and loose fitting clothing. Many designers have taken the "sexy" out of clothing, but there is always a way to put it back in. The runways were full of fuller skirts, pants, jackets, tops, dresses, etc. This doesn't have to be dowdy, it is all in the way that you pair garments. If you love those fuller leg pants, counter that with a more fitted top. Shoulder silhouettes are also becoming more rounded and some puffed. Designers are giving us many different blazer and jacket options for Spring (even though we won't get much use out of them). Shoulders are still a focal point this season, but remember designers are opt- ing for a single shoulder to peek out. Sleeves are also a big story. We saw more flaring recently and now we see flared sleeves with a slit. This opens the arm up and is a great way to showcase bangles and cuffs. Some designs even mock the look of wearing a jacket or sweater draped on your shoulders by using slit open sleeves. Banker stripes were everywhere, menswear-inspired shirts constructed in a much more feminine way is a huge look for Spring. One of my favorites, Monse, did a great job feminizing masculine fabrics and silhouettes. Crisp white shirts in many different designs are still prevalent. Shirtdresses in different silhouettes will be versatile in the warmer months. Designers showed tons of origami folds and skirts and pants with fold-over waists or closures. In addition to menswear-inspired stripes, we also see sea-inspired or nautical striped looks. Stripe options are endless! Many of the skirts reminded me of being a young girl in the eighties, higher waists, topstitching, longer lengths and in lightweight fabrics. Reminiscent of old clothing pattern envelope clothing!!! As with most seasons, designers offer garments that are on the creative side and the majority of us won't be buying into it. We'll probably steer clear of underwear worn over outerwear, over-exaggerated shoulder pads, two footed boots, 7-inch platforms, earrings that drop down to our chest and then over to our ears. Right? Whatever trends you decide to invest in this season, make sure that they suit you. Fashionable clothing and accessories should be our friends not our enemies! r e a d u s o n l i n e a t w w w . c i t y s o c i a l . c o m

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