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33 These days it seems everyone is living and breathing stress. Trying to undo the tension can just add more stress if you take the wrong approach. But there's no need to do that; there are many healthy, proven ways to get stress relief. Stress Relief: 3 Tips to Help You De-Stress 1. Take care of yourself---When tension spikes, it can be tempting to put yourself last. We all wear many hats, from school, work, and juggling our families. But guess what? You deserve to be a little selfish and put yourself first. One way to do that is by prioritizing healthy eating, healthy relationships, sleep and physical activity. 2. Get Moving---Whether it's running alongside the LSU lakes, doing weekly yoga, or punching a bag at the gym, exercise is a great way to manage stress. For example, a 15-minute walk or jog around your neighborhood can yield up to 12 hours of an improved mood. 3. Laughter is truly the best medicine. It is proven to lower tension and, at the same time, improves blood flow and health to your heart. Rent a funny movie or go to a comedy show with friends, take the stress away one laugh at a time. Remember, you don't have to live with tension and stress. In fact, not only is tension unpleasant, but it is unhealthy. Keep trying out stress-relief techniques until you find the ones that work for you. Tanesha Craig, a native of Louisiana, has always had a heart for people and changing lives. She is a graduate of both Louisiana State University and Southern University A&M College. Craig began her career as a secondary educator in the Baton Rouge area but always had a goal to own her own business and become an entrepreneur. Craig became certified in personal and group fitness training and launched her company XtremeLife Fitness in Fall 2013. In 2014, she created Louisiana Fit Chicks fitness and health expo, an event that bring awareness to women across the state of Louisiana. Craig's main goal is to not only help individuals lose weight but also empower them to become healthier people physically, mentally, and spiritually. 3 Ways to De-stress By Tanesha Craig

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