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36 36 By: Rebecca Whyte – Yelp Community Manager (Baton Rouge & surrounding) Use y elp a s y our Travel Guide R E a D U S o N L I N E a T W W W . c I T y S o c I a L . c o M Set Your Travel Plans It's a new year and surely many of us have resolutions and dreams to travel more. You, too, can become a jetsetter and take off to luxurious destinations around the globe. The world is at your fingertips now and you can plan a top-notch vacation using mobile apps and websites. So start planning and get those bags packed! Do It With The Help Of Yelp Yelp to the rescue! Get in gear and download your Yelp mobile app. It's filled with many tools that can ease your mind when planning travel. Search for local eateries, outdoor recreation, museums, nightlife and more in the area(s) you plan to visit. On the app you'll find reviews, photos and some awesome tips on what to do (and even what not to do). How about some deals and discounts, too? On Yelp, you can search for deals and check-in offers for select businesses in the city you are visiting. Take advantage of those so you can save, or receive an added bonus, when visiting a business. Also don't miss out on local fun—take a peek at the "events" tab on Yelp, which displays community events happening in that area. Bookmark Away! The "bookmark" feature on the Yelp site and mobile app is an extremely useful tool among travelers. Now you can curate your own bookmark list, which is super easy. Open your mobile app, search for busi- nesses in the city you plan to visit, bookmark them, create a new collection and—voilà!—a list you can reference during your adventures. Share Your Experiences, Too Yelp is a site that connects people to great local businesses. Contributions from community members like yourself is what makes our site pop! Visitors to the site love to read about experiences shared by Yelpers near and far. So don't be shy! You can also start a profile on Yelp. Start writing reviews and adding photos of businesses you visit in your home city and places you travel around the world! If you are an amateur or professional photographer, Yelp is an excellent way to showcase snapshots of favorite things in your city and places you visit. We love photos that accompany reviews because they help tell your story and further engage the reader. It is such a great way to support local businesses and assists them to gain more exposure. Questions? Community Manager — Rebecca Whyte - Follow Us On Social Media Instagram & Twitter: @YelpBatonRouge Facebook: Yelp Baton Rouge Curate Bookmarks On Yelp Mobile App Bring The Yelp App Yelp Mobile Image Kona Churrasco from Kona Grill - photo by Minh Kiet Yelp Baton Rouge Community Manager - Rebecca Whyte

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