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54 By Cheré Coen r e A d u S O N L I N e A t w w w . C I t y S O C I A L . C O m 54 Greeted by the happy sounds of children just arriving home from school, anxious to share their day with their mother, we were welcomed into the beautiful home of Bahij and e lise Khouri and their children: two lovely and gracious daughters ages 12 and 8, and a bright and lively four-year old son. t he house though spacious and grand (6,000 sq. ft.), evokes a cozy and relaxed atmosphere. Its open floor plan offers plenty of room to romp around. Elise and her husband, Dr. Khouri, a cardiologist, were very involved in the design and construction of the two-story home located in the Highland Road area. It boasts five bedrooms, and was built to suit the couple's needs. "We had lived in another house in the same subdivision; it was our first house and we were beginning to need more space and a different design. At the time, I was expecting my son," remembered Elise with a smile. "This would be a new house for us and we were anxious to make our own choices," she continued. One of the choices Elise made was the selection of a lighter palette. "My other house was somewhat dark, so I wanted to take advantage of the huge amount of daylight from the many windows. I liked the soft cream color for the walls and I continued that shade throughout the first floor," she explained. Elise noted that almost all the furniture had come from her other house, but that she had some of the upholstery recovered in lighter tones and a few of the pieces painted in paler shades, as displayed in the keeping room. The keeping room located in the center of the house adjoins the kitchen where Elise has an unobstructed view of the children as she prepares the delicious Lebanese meals that she does so well. Elise's flair for decorating is evident with the accessories that she has placed throughout the room in her favorite color, blue. A Perfect Place to r aise Children and Gather Family and Friends The Home of Bahij and Elise Khouri By Rosalind Tuminello

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