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56 r e A d u S O N L I N e A t w w w . C I t y S O C I A L . C O m The Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinics of Louiaiana Dr. Todd Howell 225-753-1234 Working with instead of on their patients, the staff at The Aesthetic Medicine & Anti-Aging Clinics of Louisiana is committed to client satisfaction and holistic wellness; it is their commitment to their clients' health, beauty and longevity not only on the outside, but on the inside, that sets them apart. Together, their mission is to affect confidence, health, and happiness by taking into account each client's unique needs and how best to improve the quality of his/her life whether through body sculpting, laser therapy, hair restoration, facial rejuvenation or another service. Q: What can clients expect when opting to follow the Ideal Protein diet plan? What support(s) or assistance do you provide for clients working on this plan? A: The Ideal Protein Diet was developed by a French Physician who was looking for a way to help his patients lose fat and maintain muscle. Through a guided diet using a combination of Ideal Protein foods, and your own lean meats and certain vegetables, individuals can expect to lose anywhere from 3 to 7 pounds a week! The Ideal Protein diet is designed to be monitored and at our office you will meet with an Ideal Protein Specialist who will discuss your weight loss goals and guide you through the process. Weekly weigh-ins are scheduled and provide an opportunity for questions as well as keep you on track. Our practice has been incredibly successful in helping our patients achieve their weight loss goals. Q: Is VASER liposuction a healthier alternative to traditional liposuction? How does it work? What are the intended and/or potential outcomes for clients who opt to have VASER liposuction done? A: VASER Liposuction can be considered a safer Alternative to traditional liposuction because of the absence of General Anesthesia. The VASER technology uses ultrasound to pulverize fat cells. This allows for a sculpted even result with little to no down time. Almost any individual looking to improve their physique from beach body to just better in clothes is a candidate for VASER Liposuction. Typically, most individuals can expect to achieve flatter stomachs, improved waist lines with improvement in inches with a single procedure. Any individual considering a body sculpting procedure should come meet with one of our physicians to determine if VASER Liposuction can meet the expectations they hope to achieve. Forum Salon René Uzé 225-663-2052 Relocating from New Orleans to Baton Rouge after Katrina, René Uzé launched Forum Salon in 2007. Today, he and the staff at Forum stake their reputation on providing the ultimate experience to newcomers and regulars alike in a relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere; their mission is to stay up-to-date on hair care and the latest trends, fads, and fashions through education—knowledge they consistently share with customers. Along with hair care and revitalization, their expertise includes such services as makeup application and lessons, facial waxing and lifts, microdermabrasion and more. "What I like most is the consultation," René says. "It does two things: First, it tells me what my client's needs and wants are. Second, it tells them who I am, and if they're comfortable with my approach to their new color, highlight, and/or haircut." Q: If I shampoo my hair everyday, will it become dry? A: Yes and no. If you're not shampooing with a professional product that is recommended by a licensed stylist, chances are your hair will become dry and, often, brittle. And in some cases the ends may be irreparable, leaving you with only two options: cut your hair shorter than you will be comfortable with; or, having ends that are unhealthy and unattractive. If you choose to use professional hair care products that are recommended by a trusted, licensed professional, then your hair won't become dry. Q: How often should I condition my hair? A: I like to use an analogy with reference to a headache: If, when I wake up, I have a headache, I take a pain reliever. If the pain persists and continues the following day, I might double up on the medicine. The same logic applies to the conditioning of your hair. If, when I wake up, my hair feels dry, I know that I must condition after shampooing. If my hair feels dry the next day, I condition again and so on. If the dryness continues and your home conditioner isn't repairing the ends, then it's time to consult with a trusted, licensed professional. Remember, it's always best to get a personalized opinion from a professional stylist. Sometimes, salon treatments are necessary to properly repair damaged hair; something which may require moisture or protein. Body Fit Pilates Vanda Refermat 225-235-0437 Body Fit Pilates isn't a typical exercise studio, but one that focuses first and foremost on building clients' inner strength by promoting the idea that health and wellness grows from the inside out. It is owned and operated Vanda Refermat, a long-term enthusiast of physical wellness with a background in dance/ballet and physical therapy. She holds graduate degrees in physical and respiratory theory and multiple certifications, including as a Pilates instructor by Body Arts and Science International. In 2013, She was named Baton Rouge's Entrepreneur of the Year by Business Report. With her co-workers Celeste Kerry, Sarah Sublett and Courtney Baches, she aims to guarantee every client the attention they (and their bodies) warrant through group classes and in private sessions. Q: What are the benefits of Pilates beyond exercise? A: The positive outcomes of doing Pilates beyond physical appeal and weight-loss are numerous and varied, including boosting energy levels, stamina, and morale, sharpening one's focus and precision in daily activities and ridding one of stress which, in turn, has been linked to cases of heart disease. It works to enhance both physical and external wellness by helping to treat such ailments and diseases as anxiety, insomnia, depression, headaches, back and joint pains, while enhancing flexibility, balance, coordination and mobility if done consistently. As a result, it enables clients to feel at home within themselves and experience a greater awareness of their bodies, and gifts them with the knowledge and understanding that they're in control of their own bodies. Q: What do you see as the 'secret' to people succeeding with Pilates? Your advice to first-time and seasoned participants? Ask the e xpert 56

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