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26 By Mandy Bradley The Ever-So-Confusing World of Fashion 26 Q and A— Let's Talk Fashion! R E A D U S o N L I N E A T W W W . C I T Y S o C I A L . C o M Q: I hear conflicting opinions about wearing wedges, can you wear them at night? A: This is a tricky one. There are tons of beautiful wedges out there and they are a perfect choice for a sunny day, an afternoon party on a lawn, etc. I personally love wedges with flowing dresses, skirts and dressed-up shorts, but not fitted dresses. If you have a comfy pair, wedges would be perfect for exploring old uneven streets in other countries, but I am not so sure that they belong in a dressed-up evening situation (unless you are on a boat). I also have an aversion to wearing wedges with pants (especially skinny pants). The only person that I have ever seen pull that off is stylist Rachel Zoe. Most people look a bit too "Real Housewives of Orange County" when they wear wedges with pants or jeans. If you are going to be walking in grass, wedges could be the best idea because, obviously, heels will dig into the ground. They can add a great amount of height to those who need it and do so without feeling like you are teetering on a spindle. But what about wearing them at night? The thought of an evening dress or style worn with wedges doesn't sit well with me. In fashion there are always exceptions to every rule or way of thinking, but a black fitted cocktail dress with a wedge doesn't seem to work in my opinion—especially not a cork or espadrille wedge. Those should never be worn for a dressed-up evening occasion. I know that there are wedges that are less "day" and much dressier, but I think it would make the whole outfit look clumsy and not refined, perhaps even dowdy. I have seen wedges that look similar to an evening shoe and are less clunky, but just be cautious when selecting a wedge for a cocktail party! Wedges are one of the items of clothing that women wear that men just don't seem to get. Several surveys have been conducted and men voted wedges one of their least favorite types of shoes that their significant other wears. Equally unsurprising was that Crocs and Uggs followed closely behind! Thankfully, most men keep that opinion to themselves. My husband would never tell me what type of shoe to wear, but I am sure that he has a definite opinion on some of the styles that I own. Luckily, he is sweet enough to keep it to himself! To be fair, I think that if I were on the shorter side, I would be a much bigger fan—I am 5'9". Still, I believe it is also about our personal aesthetic. I like chic and clean lines, not things that look clunky. I have seen wedges very well done, but it can easily go wrong. I have asked a few of my friends who work in the high-end fashion industry and constantly travel the world and found that they have differing opinions on wedges. They all seem to agree that certain wedges are off-limits for evening events, but that they can be great otherwise—some things are a bit more open to interpretation, in other words! And although some of them don't see a problem with wedges and pants, they all agree that there are usually a few universally agreed upon rules and ways of thinking in the fashion community. This is one of those situations!

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