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27 Dan Jumonville, CLU, President Louisiana's largest and most tenured G E N E R A L A G E N C Y since 1971. 225.293.1770 800.375.1000 Q: What is lampshading? What are sock boots? What are all of these newer fashion terms? I can't keep up! A: Over the past few years, fashion terms have changed, evolved and tripled in number thanks to social media. Bloggers and others who rabidly follow fashion create terms, on a daily basis in fact, for trends, new garments and accessories. It can become confusing, especially if you aren't on Instagram or another source that gives you current fashion info. Lampshading is a trend that is on its way out, but it still the term used to describe oversized t-shirts and sweatshirts worn as a dress, especially when paired with thigh- high or OTK boots. It looks like a lampshade—big on top with a sliver of thigh showing and then the boot. Get it? If you are middle-aged, this trend should be nowhere near your body (unless you are Jennifer Lopez or another ageless celeb). Sock boots have gained popularity over the past few seasons. They are usually pointed-toe boots with a very fitted ankle and don't usually go higher than mid-calf. Some are fitted with an actual sock- type fabric that's connected to the bottom of the boot. There are also stocking boots which are super- fitted all the way up the thigh. I love my black ankle sock boots and have worn the heck out of them with jeans, pants and dresses! Another term thrown around often these days is "midi." This is an easy one. Midi is a length. Skirts and dresses that hit mid-calf or above the ankle are a "midi" length. This has been on trend for quite some time and doesn't show signs of stopping any time soon. I've also had several people ask me about "dusters." Back in the '90s, a duster was always a very long lightweight sweater cardigan that went to the ankles (if not past them). This term has evolved to also include long and loose lightweight jackets, usually made of silk or satin. There are so many terms—new and evolved—that you just need to keep your phone handy so that you can do quick research any time that you get stumped!

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