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40 R E A D U S o N L I N E A T W W W . C I T Y S o C I A L . C o M Pathway of Hope An Answer to the Epidemic of Intergenerational Poverty According to 2016 U.S. census data, 12% of the United States population lives in poverty. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the numbers are much higher—26.1% based on the same year's data. Many of our Capital Area neighbors struggle to break free from the financial duress that they and their parents have known all their lives. They are facing "intergenerational poverty," a term referring to families that suffer poverty for two or more generations. People suffering impoverished circumstances often find themselves in survival mode, their energies focused on meeting the immediate challenges of each day such as putting food on the table, keeping a roof over their heads and dealing with health difficulties. The hopelessness that ensues from a persistent dearth of resources in turn creates an environment from which many find escape impossible without a hand-up. The Salvation Army (SA) is uniquely positioned to address family poverty. Since 1865, SA has been there to help individuals and families when times are at their darkest, serving as a bridge between families and communities and providing care, hope and resources. Seeking to increase the impact of SA's efforts, the Pathway of Hope program was created to offer targeted services to families with a sincere desire to become self-sufficient. Since beginning the national program, Pathway of Hope has offered that compassionate hand-up to hundreds of families seeking to escape poverty's vicious cycle. The program's intensive case management helps families regain hope and attain financial self-sufficiency within one year's time. Case managers support clients, helping them overcome barriers which include: Unemployment—offering resources to help with education, job readiness, child care and transportation Lack of financial management skills—offering educational resources to teach budgeting and financial literacy Lack of necessities such as housing, utilities, food, clothing and furniture—offering rental and utility assistance, food boxes, clothing and furniture Lack of youth support services and childcare—connecting families with SA youth afterschool programs, camp experiences and other community childcare resources Addiction—offering SA assistance and other resources to overcome substance abuse In addition to using considerable "in-house" resources, the SA of Greater Baton Rouge has cultivated invaluable collaborative partnerships with many organizations to provide further resources, including the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, O'Brien House, Entergy, Southern University and A&M College, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Baton Rouge, Christian Outreach and many others. Hope Marie, a Baton Rouge mother of two and program client commented, " Pathway of Hope has shown me compassion and has helped me by offering support. Thanks to the one-on-one job readiness assistance that the [SA] case manager provided, I am now employed! I know now that I can achieve more of my goals with support from this program. I recommend Pathway of Hope to anyone in the community who needs support to achieve his or her goal to become self-sufficient." Hope Marie is living proof that a hand-up makes all the difference in the world. If you would like to know more about the SA or Pathway of Hope, or are interested in supporting the program, please contact Todd Ulmer, Director of Social Services at Thursday, May 10, 2018 @ 6:30pm L'auberge Casino & Resort Benefitting Pathway of Hope 2 018 | fourth Annual SHIELD OF HOPE GALA Donna Britt Honored Guest Roy O. Martin, III Keynote Speaker Silent Auction • Live Auction • Live Music For sponsorships & ticket purchases visit or call Morgan Dailey 225.367.4147. By Major Brett Meredith and Miriam C. Overton Photo provided by The Salvation Army

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